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First and foremost we would not be anywhere without the support of our Santa Gertrudis Family. Thank you to all the people throughout the years that have trusted us with your business and allowed us to play an integral part in the future of your cattle herds. A huge shoutout to our current and previous customers that allowed us to care for and to haul your cattle up and down the show road. We could not have gotten to where we are and accomplished the things we've accomplished without your trust. The honor is and always will be ours!

Pitchford Cattle is a purebred Santa Gertrudis Ranch located in Eustace, Texas (about an hour southeast of Dallas). Established in 1983, we are a 4th Generation cattle operation. Pitchford Cattle takes pride in producing high quality and high functioning Santa Gertrudis Cattle, also known as “Gerts.” Please don’t hesitate to give us a call when searching for your next herd bull, show heifer, or replacement females.

Darrell and Shana Pitchford - owners of Pitchford Cattle - have grown up with these cattle, exhibiting them as Junior Exhibitors. They have made a living off of these Santa Gertrudis cattle. From when Darrell worked as a Ranch Manager on Pecan Hill in Belleville, Texas, to the present when we’ve had the honor to produce our own cattle that have made impacts to this breed we could have only dreamed of. These cherry-red cattle are very near and dear to our family. Darrell and Shana have raised their kids in this breed. Casey and Gracey Pitchford have exhibited these Santa Gertrudis cattle literally since they could walk. Now Casey and Gracey both have children, who they expect to raise and exhibit Santa Gertrudis as well. I guess what we are trying to get at is, Pitchford Cattle is in constant pursuit of ways to innovate and push the Santa Gertrudis Breed forward. Because this breed of cattle is our life.

These beautiful bos indicus cattle have all of the qualities a breeder in today’s market are looking for. Not only are they hands down the most beautiful dark dark cherry cattle to look at, but they are now backed by data driven, profit proven EPD’s. With the help from King Ranch and a number of other breeders, Santa Gertrudis cattle are ready to step to the forefront of the cattle industry. Whether you’re looking for the brutey mama cow that Santa Gertrudis are known for, or the carcass data collected Santa Gertrudis Bulls that are ample in this breed today, Santa Gertrudis have what you need.


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11701 CR 2502
Eustace, TX 75124

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