Pitchford Futurity

Pitchford Futurity

This is a Futurity that Pitchford Cattle has created to bring together all those that support our cattle, our business, and our Brand. It's a way we can give back and show our continued support of our Gert breed and the amazing people that make it what it is.

1) Animal showcasing the Pitchford Brand.
2) Animals produced by Semen either sold private treaty or in any sale by Pitchford Cattle (Proof of purchase must be able to be produced)
3) Animals produced by a Pitchford Cattle Herd Sire
4) Embryos sold private treaty or at any sale by Pitchford Cattle (Proof of purchase must be able to be produced)
5) All animals sold in any of the Pitchford Cattle Opportunity Knocks Sales
6) Age falls in that of the given years National Junior Santa Gertrudis Show.
7) This show is Open to Juniors and Open age exhibitors.

Prizes for winning Grand or Reserve will be displayed for all to see prior to the given year's event. There will be an option for Scholarship Money or Sale Credit (excluding Semen sales). (Winners discretion)

Past Winners


2022 First Overall
Emma Finley and EF Clarabell 1231/0
Prize: $3,500 Scholarship
Produced by Pitchford Cattle Herd Sire


2022 Second Overall
Bailey Wiley and PC Miss Hemingway’s Lucy 4363G
Prize: $2,500 Scholarship
Produced by Pitchford Cattle

2022 Reserve Grand Champion

2021 First Overall
Bryce Hardy and Miss MN 715-8
Prize: $2,500 in Future Sale Credit
Sold at Opportunity Knocks Sale by MN Cattle


2021 Second Overall
Charlie Joe Grogan and DP MISS GLAMOR 413G2 ET
Prize: $1,500 Scholarship
Produced by Grandview Farms and Pitchford Cattle


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