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Legends Live Podcast is a Live Broadcast we put on here at Pitchford Cattle. I, Casey Pitchford, currently organize this podcast with the help of many people. Shoutout to Laura and Brianna for all your help. My dad, Darrell, came to me one day with this idea of Podcast. At first the idea was a “NO-GO.” After giving it thought and thinking of all the insanely in depth conversation my dad and I have on the daily about the amazing cattle and ways to better our ranch and brand, I decided there’s not many people out there that knows more about these cattle we raise than my father. That being said, there's always room to grow. We both recognized there's so many spots where we were not where we wanted to be. We started Legends Live with the vision to talk with Friends and Colleagues in the beef industry. We want to explore the different aspects our customers and everyone in this industry or looking to get into this industry may encounter. Plus just having genuine conversation with like minded individuals about the industry we live in everyday. There’s always a different perspective, there is always something to learn. That’s what this podcast is for. Our viewers get to watch first hand as we explore and grow as Pitchford Cattle as a whole and as individual cattle breeders, exhibitors, and just people in general.

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